Earthquake Magnitude 7.0 near Bali

Date: 28.08.23 | Time: 19:55:32 UTC | Location: -6.810, 116.563 | Depth: 516 km | Magnitude: 7.0

The Indonesian Bali Sea was shaken by a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 yesterday evening. Initially, the magnitude was reported as 7.1, but it was later slightly downgraded. The seismic event occurred at 19:55:32 UTC (03:55:32 local time) and had an epicenter located 188 km north-northwest of Labuan on Lombok Island. The vacation island of Bali is approximately 220 km away from the epicenter. Closer was the coast of the small island of Soemoerboengkar, which is only about 30 km from the epicenter. Nevertheless, the strong tremor had no catastrophic consequences, and no significant damage was reported. A tsunami was also not generated. However, the island residents clearly felt the strong tremor.