Merapi with pyroclastic flow in May

Merapi Generates Pyroclastic Flow

The Indonesian volcano Merapi (Java) generated a pyroclastic flow this morning. According to BPPTKG, the dense flow traveled a distance of 1000 meters, making it one of the smaller events of its kind. The flow was caused by a collapse at the southwest dome and moved through a ravine near Kali Bebeng.

The pyroclastic flow was recorded at 05:31 WIB, producing a seismic signal with a maximum amplitude of 65 mm that lasted approximately 110 seconds. In the first six hours of the day, 16 rockfall events were also recorded, some consisting of glowing tephra that left luminous trails on the volcano’s flank. Long-exposure photos often give the impression of lava flows due to these glowing trails.

Overall, Merapi’s seismic activity has been low over the past two days. However, there was a small peak on May 27, with about 50 volcanic tremors recorded. This fluctuation in seismic activity is characteristic of the volcano’s behavior in recent months, suggesting periodic light dome growth.