Footage of volcanoes and eruptions

Volcano footage offers you a great bandwidth of video shots from erupting volcanoes all over the world. As a volcano videographer, I have got more than 20 years experience to capture eruptions on video.

Mostly I’m backpacking and reach secluded place that would not be reached otherwise. Despite the lightweight equipment, I create recordings in professional video quality. Since 2014 in 4K UHD. New are aerials, shot with drones in 4k.

Marc Szeglat  CEO,

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My favorite volcano footage

Every year I go on several trips to active volcanoes. So my video archive is constantly growing. The most interesting shots until 2014 you see in the video above. My personal favorites are the footage of the paroxysms of Mount Etna and the pyroclastic flows from Sinabung in Indonesia. Very interesting and often licensed are the volcano video shots of volcanic lightning at Sakurajima, the burning sulfur from Kawah Ijen and the boiling lava lakes of Nyiragongo and Masaya.

Making of a volcano video

Want to know how I shot on active volcanoes? Than visit this picture gallery. Over the past 2 decades, I filmed with a variety of video cameras. I benefited from the digitization and the tapeless video recording, as this not only the image quality was better, but the cameras even more compact.

What is a volcano?

A volcano is a ruptur in the Earth’s crust. Molten rock rises through this opening and is erupting at the surface. Besides, many volcanic gases are released. As long as the molten rock is inside the earth it contains a lot of gas and is called magma. If the magma is erupted and the gases are escaping, it is called lava. The lava accumulates around the opening and can grow as the volcano.

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Lets talk about money

My pricing is quite simple:

Beginning minute costs 1800 € for shots filmed in 4k. 1500 € for Videos filmed in HD. 800 € for SD-Videos. I do not license seconds.

Ways to reach me

Marc Szeglat


Adress: Duelmener Str. 11, D-46117 Oberhausen, Germany

When I’m on Volcano Expedition, it may be less some days, until I can answer.

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