Aerials of Campi Flegrei and Solfatara

Aerials, shot with a drone, of Campi Flegrei and Solfatara crater close to Naples in Italy. This volcano video was recorded in June 2017 with a DJI Phantom in 4K resolution.

Campi Flegrei is a huge caldera volcano, not far away from well known Mount Vesuvius. Campi Flegrei erupted before 39.000 years, which effected wide parts of Europe. Volcanic ashes were dicovered in distances of about 1500 km.

Aerials of Stromboli shot with a drone

Volcano video of Stromboli in Italy. The aerial footage was shot with a drone in June 2017. Stromboli resumed to its normal activity after a 3 years long break. I used a DJI Phantom for shooting this 4K video. Stromboli is, next to Etna, Europe’s most active volcano. It is known for its frequent strombolian eruptions.

Masaya: Lava lake in Nicaragua

Masaya is a volcano close to Nicaraguas capital Managua. In the crater Santiago an active lava lake is boiling since December 2015. I visited the volcano with a team of the Volcanological Society e.V. and we get a permit to stay on the crater rim during day and night. So, I was able to shot this stunning volcano footage of a boiling lava lake.

About Masaya volcano

Masaya is not just the most active volcano of Nicaragua, its a very unusual one, too. The volcano lies within the Las Sierras shield volcano and is a 6 x 11 km caldera with walls up to 300 m high. The basaltic caldera is filled on its NW end by more than a dozen vents that erupted along a circular, 4-km-diameter fracture system. The twin volcanoes of Nindirí and Masaya were constructed at the southern end of the fracture system and contain multiple summit craters. One of this is the currently active Santiago crater. A lava flow from the 1670 eruption overtopped the north caldera rim. (Source USGS)

Colima: volcanic lightning

In November 2015 I captured this volcano footage from Colima in Mexico. Colima was in a state of sporadic eruption from its main vent. The lava dome was blown out from explosions. So, instead of glowing avalances I observed volcanic lightning in the erupted ash clouds.

I traveled together with my colleagues from the Volcanological Society e.V. and meet with Hernando Alonso Rivera Cervantes who guided us. We rented a cabin, just 6 kilometers away from Colima’s summit.

More about Colima volcano

The Volcán de Colima is part of the Colima Volcanic Complex consisting of Volcán de Colima, Nevado de Colima and the eroded El Cantaro. It is the youngest of the three and is one of the most active volcanos in Mexico. It has erupted more than 40 times since 1576.

During last years he activity was dominated by growth of an lava dome. In spring 2015 this dome was blown out by a series of explosions. Since then, explosive ash eruptions occur several time each day. This activity lasted several months. Then the explosions decreased and it began to grow a small dom again.

Kawah Ijen: blue burning sulfur

Incredible video footage of burning sulfur on Kawah Ijen in Java. Kawah Ijen volcano in Indonesia, is the own location you can certainly watch the electric blue fire of burning sulfur.

I traveled together with my indonesian friend and guide Andy. My friends Martin Rietze and Thorsten Böckel were also one of the party. We climbed the step crater walls short before sunset: just during night time the blue flames of the burning sulfur are visible.

About Kawah Ijen

The Ijen volcano complex is a group of stratovolcanoes in East Java, Indonesia. The volcanoes are inside a larger caldera, which is about 20 kilometers wide. Ijen volcano has a one-kilometer-wide acidic crater lake. The lake is the site of sulfur mining operation. Miners carried Sulfur-laden baskets by hand from the crater floor.