The strongest earthquake of the uplifting phase has shaken Campi Flegrei

Date: 27.09.23 | Time: 03:35:34 UTC | Location: 40.8170; 14.1560 | Depth: 2.9 km | Magnitude: 4.2

Tonight a moderate earthquake of magnitude 4.2 occurred beneath the southern Italian Caldera volcano Campi Flegrei. It was the strongest earthquake of the current uplift period, which began in 2005. The hypocenter was at a depth of 2900 m. The epicenter was located on the coast in the area of Via Napoli between the towns of Pozzuoli and Bagnoli. The Solfatara is approximately 1300 meters northwest of the epicenter. The earthquake occurred at 03:35:34 UTC (05:35:34 local time) and is likely to have awakened some residents from their sleep. There have been no reports of damage so far, although despite the moderate magnitude, some houses may have developed cracks, as the earthquake’s hypocenter was shallow.