Strong Earthquake Mw 6.9 Causes Casualties in Morocco

Date 09/08/23 | Time: 22:11:00 UTC | 31.074; -8.477 | Depth: 10 km | Mw 6.9

A strong earthquake with a moment magnitude of 6.9 occurred last night near Agadir and Marrakesh. The earthquake occurred at 22:11:00 UTC. The quake caused significant destruction and has resulted in 632 fatalities and 329 injuries so far. The exact depth of the hypocenter varied depending on the source: EMSC reported a depth of 10 km, GFZ Potsdam measured 27 km, and USGS determined nearly 19 km. EMSC located the epicenter 60 km west-southwest of Oukaïmedene, in a remote region of the Atlas Mountains. There were severe damages, particularly in the mountain villages near the epicenter, where numerous buildings have completely collapsed. The search for victims is still ongoing, and in many areas, there have been power outages and communication disruptions. There is speculation that landslides may have occurred, and some communities could be isolated from the outside world.