Lavadome on Mayon remain active

On the Philippine island of Luzon, Mayon continues to remain active, erupting a lava dome. Three lava flows emanate from the dome, flowing through the channels of Bonga, Mi-isi, and Basud, measuring 3.4 km, 2.8 km, and 1.1 km in length, respectively. Both lava flows and the dome are generating rock avalanches that leave glowing traces in nighttime images. Yesterday, 127 of these rock avalanches were recorded by seismographs. Additionally, signals from 6 pyroclastic flows were detected, resulting from larger collapse events and traveling up to 4 km. Ash clouds reached altitudes of up to 3 km. Mayon also remains seismically active, with 35 volcano-related earthquakes detected. Among these events, 20 were characterized as tremor signals, lasting for up to 80 minutes. Tremors are caused by fluid movements underground, indicating the presence of more magma in transit. This is further indicated by a high concentration of gaseous sulfur dioxide. In the last 24 hours, 1467 tons of this gas were emitted. A steam plume rose up to 700 m above the dome. The volcanic structure of Mayon is swollen, and inflation is occurring.