Fagradalsfjall: Expected eruption in Iceland has begun

Around 4:20 PM (local time), a approximately 200-meter-long eruption fissure opened near the Fagradalsfjall volcano. The fissure is located northeast of the volcano in a place called Litli Hrútur, which has been considered as a possible eruption site in recent days. The Icelandic Meteorological Office (IMO) recommends not to go there immediately and wait for the experts’ approval. There is no full closure of the area yet.

The current eruption appears to be initially small, but it is unclear how it will develop. Previous eruptions in 2021 and 2014 started similarly modest but later intensified significantly.

The terrain behind Fagradalsfjall is flat, and there are no valleys for the lava to fill. The lava flows with a weak slope towards Fagradalsfjall, where it will encounter a volcanic elevation that acts as a natural obstacle. If the slope is balanced, the lava could flow northwards.

In the evening, two more short fissures opened in the vicinity of the first eruption fissure, slightly offset to the side. I estimate their total length to be about 350 meters. The first fissure opened precisely on a jeep track.

There are reports of evacuated hikers from the eruption area. Roadblocks are being set up, and the previously announced restricted area around the eruption site is being established.