Cotopaxi in Ecuador erupted volcanic ash

On Thursday morning, many astonished eyes turned in the direction of the Cotopaxi summit, because at night there must have been an ash eruption that turned the snow at the volcano’s summit gray. The volcanologists from IG go wrote in their report that it was only a small ash cloud that had risen up to 300 m above crater level. It is believed that the ash was produced in an exhalation that also emitted a lot of gas. A clue to the exhalation was provided by a weak tremor signal recorded by seismographs around 6:30 p.m. local time. Although it was only a small eruption, the activity worries the people of the region. Cotopaxi is the second highest volcano in Ecuador and one of the highest active fire mountains on Earth. The Andean volcano rises 5897 meters above sea level and its summit area is covered by a glacier. Therein also lies the greatest danger of Cotopaxi, because large eruptions could melt the ice, creating lahars. They could reach the suburbs of Quito, because the capital of Ecuador is only 50 km away from the volcano.