Mauna Loa: New earthquake M 4.1

The Mauna Loa in Hawaii was shaken by an earthquake of magnitude 4.1 last night. The epicenter was on the northwest flank, 29 km east of Captain Cook. The depth of the hypocenter was estimated to be 4.7 km. It was the strongest earthquake that had manifested itself for several months under the largest volcano in the world.

Kilauea: Swarm quake with inflation

But seismic activity is not only high under Mauna Loa, but also under the neighboring volcano Kilauea. There was an earthquake swarm there in the last few days which was accompanied by a short but strong phase of inflation. The HVO wrote that on December 2 more than 220 earthquakes occurred within 24 hours. These earthquakes occurred in clusters under the caldera and the Upper East Rift Zone, at depths of 1-4 km. The inflation was 12-14 ┬Árad. Since then the seismic activity has calmed down again. However, earthquakes are still recorded.
On the live diagrams it can be seen that a total of more than 250 earthquakes had occurred in the Kilauea area. The inflation is also very visible.