Stromboli: Activity high

The activity at Stromboli is still high. The LGS Florence reported yesterday about strombolian explosions ejecting the tephra more than 200 m high. The day before, the eject height was reported to be more than 300 meters. While these eruptions take place in the northeastern crater area, lava continues to flow from the northwestern sector. 2 lava flows move in the upper part of Sciara del Fuoco and reached a height of 600 m above sea level the day before yesterday. At that time MIROVA registered thermal radiation with a power of 133 MW. Yesterday the value was reduced to 22 MW. Today there are no usable measurements due to clouds. On the thermal cam of the LGS you can see that the lava flows have become very short and only little lava flows. But for at least 24 hours the slope in the summit area of the volcano has been increasing: The magma accumulates in the conveyor system. The tremor is still clearly elevated, which also indicates that there are magmatic fluids inside the volcano.