Cumbre Vieja erupted on La Palma

This afternoon, at about 15:12 local time, the volcano Cumbre Vieja erupted on La Palma. At the edge of the volcanic ridge Cumbre Vieja opened eruption fissures and lava fountains generate lava flows since then. The eruption began with the rise of an ash cloud. The eruption site is close to a settlement and it is likely that destruction of infrastructure will occur. A road has already been overrun by lava. The formation of an ocean entry is also conceivable.

Update 23.00: The eruption on La Palma continues and even intensified. In the late afternoon, more vents opened along a 2nd fissure. In the evening, at least 11 vents were active: 2 vents were strombolian active and produced ash clouds and incandescent tephra, lava fountains were generated from the other vents. The lava ignited trees and flowed from MontaƱa Rajada towards the settlement of El Paraiso. The first buildings have already been destroyed and major damage is expected. The lava is moving relatively slowly and people have time to flee. More than 1400 people have already left their homes. Emergency plans call for up to 10,000 more people to follow. Besides the lava, there are concerns about forest fires and air pollution.