Etna with new paroxysm

Country: Italy | Coordinates: 37.73, 15.00 |Eruption: Paroxysmal

As expected, Etna produced a new paroxysm during the night. Eyewitnesses described it as strong. Some explosions made not only window panes and inventory shatter, but even house walls vibrate. Strombolian eruptions started already in the evening. Around 2 a.m. local time, activity began to increase, and 90 minutes later the main phase of the short-lived volcanic eruption began. Volcanic ash was produced up to an altitude of 9000 m and several lava flows flowed: the well-known flow to the southwest and several lava flows to the east. These flowed over the escarpment in the Valle del Bove. In the final phase of the eruption, a production vent opened at the eastern base of the New Southeast Crater cone. It is located at an altitude of about 3000 m and erupted a lava flow together with an ash cloud. On a photo it looks as if a small pyroclastic flow was formed. But it could also be that the ash cloud was pushed to the ground by downdraft winds.