Fagradalsfjall with lava flows

State: Iceland | Coordinates: 63.903, -22.273 | Eruption: Hawaiian

After almost three days without visible activity, flowing lava is visible again on the LiveCams. Already yesterday afternoon the lava level in the crater started to rise and in the evening an overflow of a lava flow occurred, which splits into several arms below the outflow channel. Part of the lava flows towards the south, the rest towards the Meradalir valley. The lava emitted very high thermal radiation tonight. MIROVA registered a power of 3545 MW, which is very close to the peak values of May. The tremor has increased again. The increase was slower than in the previous pulses.

New data on the eruption were also released, reflecting what happened in late July: The production rate was 11.3 cubic meters per second. A total of 109 million cubic meters of lava were produced. They covered an area of 4.3 square kilometers. The data were published by the university in Iceland.