Etna: Earthquake near crater

EtnaThe Italian volcano Etna continues to be explosively active. The main scene of the action is the southeast crater. Here, glowing tephra rises up to 250 m above crater level. Strombolian eruptions are also observed from Voragine. A recent Sentinel satellite photo reveals 4 thermal anomalies in the summit area: the largest marks the southeast crater, then there are smaller anomalies in Bocca Nuova and in Voragine. Last, but not least, Northeast Crater is also emitting heat. MIROVA registered today a moderate thermal radiation with 22 MW power. Several earthquakes manifested themselves in the area of the summit. On the map they are marked in the northeast. If you look more closely, you can see a cluster of microquakes also south of the crater complex. The tremor is high and I expect more activity.