Lewotolok started with eruption

On the Indonesian island of Lembata the Lewotolok has erupted. The VAAC reported an ash cloud that rose to an altitude of 1800 m above sea level. The volcanologists of MAGMA/VSI recorded a corresponding seismic signal with a duration of 120 seconds and a maximum amplitude of 34 mm. In addition, 10 volcano-tectonic earthquakes were recorded in the first half of the day. Already in January 2019 first warnings were given and the alarm status was increased after the seismic activity increased. There is a 2 km exclusion zone around the crater.

The Levotolok can be passed by taking a boat to Komba Island, where the Batu Tara volcano is located. This volcano has been quiet for a few years, but thermal signals are always registered. More often this happened in the last month. To my knowledge the volcano is not systematically monitored and is one of the few white spots on earth.