Santiaguito generates pyrocalstic flows

Another report from INSIVUMEH about the eruptions at Santiaguito volcano in Guatemala is available: Weak and moderate explosions were recorded. These can generate columns with large amounts of gas and with heights up to 3300 meters (10,826 feet). There are also avalanches of blocks and ash towards the southwest flank mainly, however, these can be generated towards the south, southeast and west flanks. The path of such material reaches the base of the dome and causes fine ash particles to fall on the volcanic perimeter. Due to the location of block lava flows in the dome of the hot dome in a west-southwest direction, the occurrence of block and ash flows in this same direction, as well as long range pyroclastic flows, is not ruled out. For short periods of time it is possible to hear aircraft turbine like sounds due to the prolonged degassing in the hot dome.