La Palma: Seismic swarm

The Canary Island La Palma was again hit by a swarm quake yesterday morning. The seismographs recorded 25 tremors with magnitudes between 1.6 and 2.0. The hypocenters were at depths between 20 and 45 km. In this area of the asthenosphere, it is usually ascending magma that triggers light tremors. The epicenters were located in the south of the island, which was formed by eruptions.

In addition, seismicity is also increased in other regions of the Canary Islands. For example, it shook unusually often in the area of Tenerife and El Hierro is also still affected by sporadic quakes. Although there are no indications of an imminent volcanic eruption, in the longer term an eruption could occur again. In my opinion the most promising candidate is La Palma.