Hasan Dağı: Gas emissions after earthquake

An unusual report from Turkey combines earthquake with volcanic activity. On Sunday, it shook in the border area of the provinces Aksaray and Niğde with a magnitude of 5.3. The epicenter was located 23 km northeast of Emirgazi. The epicenter of the earthquake was only 3 km deep. Almost 30 km northwest of the epicenter is the volcano Hasan Dağı. With a height of 3.268 m it represents the 2nd highest elevation of Central Anatolia. Videos make the round by the social media, which developed after the earthquake and show gas leaks. Apparently they are new fumaroles that have formed near the summit crater. A team of geologists will now take gas samples and analyze them. Gas eruptions occur repeatedly after earthquakes and need not be related to volcanism. On a volcano, however, one can assume that they are probably magmatic gases.