Ol Doinyo Lengai with heat signature

The volcano in the East African Rift Valley is still active. This is confirmed by a heat signature captured by MIROVA and Sentinel. Mirova indicates a thermal radiation of 6 MW. Sentinel images in the infrared spectrum show 2 thermal anomalies. One emanates from the central crater area where a large hornito recently grew. Another hotspot formed on the southwestern crater rim. If you look closer at the photo you can see black lava flows flowing along the crater rim and flowing into the central area. Layer by layer the pit crater is filling up again and with a little luck it could be accessible again in a few years.

The only question then is how we will travel to and in Africa? Thanks to the Corona Pandemic, we are probably at a turning point. The airlines are mothballing more and more planes and laying off staff on a grand scale. Even if the pandemic becomes manageable thanks to vaccination, it will be years before we are even close to pre-pandemic levels of travel technology.