Fuego with double strike

The Fuego in Guatemela never gets tired of spewing lava. Yesterday a rare double impact was recorded when 2 strombolian eruptions occurred directly after each other. Glowing tephra was ejected several hundred meters high. The lumps landed on the volcano flank and went down as debris avalanches.

INSIVUMEH reports 8-11 explosive eruptions per hour. The tephra rises up to 300 m above crater level. Volcanic ash makes it to 4700 m above sea level. The volcano continues to be effusive and erupts a lava flow. It flows through the erosion gully of Ceniza and is a good 100 m long. The warning of lahars remains because of the heavy rainfall. For the same reason our LiveCam has failed again. Despite water-protected technology it always finds a way to paralyze the cam. Ulli is trying to get the camera back online as soon as possible.