Fuego erupts 2 lava flows

The Guatemalan volcano Fuego again increased its activity and erupted explosively and effusively. INSIVUMEH registers between 11 and 15 explosions per hour. Some of the explosions have a high acoustic pressure and produce clear peaks on the seismogram. Ear witnesses report loud explosion noises that can still be heard in the villages at the foot of the volcano. Volcanic ash rises to an altitude of 4700 m and drifts up to 15 km in an easterly direction. Glowing tephra is ejected and descends on the flanks. There it produces hot debris avalanches. They are in competition with 2 short lava flows: the longer one flows through the gorge La Trinidad and has travelled about 250 meters. The shorter lava flow reaches 100 m and travels through the Cenzia Gorge.