Chile: Earthquake Mw 6,8

In the Chilean region of Atacama, it shook with a magnitude of 6.8. A second earthquake brought it to 6.5. The earthquake centers were located at 30 km and 10 km depth. The epicenters manifested themselves on the coast, 69 km north of Vallenar. Almost 45,000 people live in the city. There have been several moderate aftershocks with magnitudes in the range of 5. The stronger earthquake occurred at 4:09 UCT. In Chile it was midnight at that time. So people were torn from their beds at night. It is not yet known if there was any major damage. Strong earthquakes are particularly dangerous at night, because most people are in buildings and could be killed by falling parts. Fortunately, the direct surroundings around the epicenters are quite sparsely populated.