Iceland: Strong earthquake swarm on Reykjanes

The Icelandic peninsula of Reykjanes is again hit by a strong Earthquake swarm. The strongest single quake had a magnitude of 5.0 and manifested itself 1.6 km northwest of Fagradalsfjall, with a hypocentre at 10 km depth. Fagradalsfjall is the highest elevation on Reykjanes with a height of 385 m and lies east of Grindavik. In the end, the epicentre of seismic activity shifted a little to the east, starting from the quake spot north of Grindavik where most of the previous earthquakes occurred.

IMO recorded a total of 936 earth tremors in the Reykjanes area in the last 48 hours. 16 quakes had magnitudes greater than 3, some of them even stronger than M 4.0. I assume that the quakes are related to further magma intrusion. However, an IMO report on this is still pending. However, the Icelandic Meteorological Authority reports that the stronger earth quakes were felt in the southwest of Iceland.