Iceland: New earthquake M 4.1

There was another strong earthquake in Iceland this morning. It had a magnitude of 4.1 and manifested itself on the Reykjanes Peninsula. The epicentre was located 4.1 km north of Grindavik and only about 1 km from the Blue Lagoon and Thorbjörn Volcano. The depth of the hypocentre is estimated to be only 2.5 km. This makes it the closest surface earthquake of this magnitude since the swarm earthquakes started on the peninsula. The local residents should have been well shaken. It remains exciting to wait and see whether reports of crevice openings will come in. Just 2 minutes earlier, there was a quake of magnitude 3.2 at a depth of 2.3 km. Further weaker earthquakes followed. In total IMO registered 40 tremors on Reykjanes in the last 48 hours.