Vesuvius: Seismic Swarm

Today, another swarm quake occurred at Vesuvius in Italy. The tremors have low magnitudes smaller than 1. 22 quakes are reported on the INGV site since last night. The hypocentres are mostly located at depths less than 1000 m. Most of the quakes scatter over the north and east flank of the summit area. The Meteovesuvio website even reports 85 microquakes.

In October, 118 quakes were recorded at Vesuvius. The strongest had the magnitude 1.8. The long-term trend shows an increase in seismic activity with a previous peak last year. However, the volcanologists of the INGV Naples are registering a deflationary trend: the slope is decreasing and it does not look like the earthquakes are caused by rising magma. Here is a live cam. The seismograms are currently offline.