Anak Krakatau with eruption

VSI today reports an eruption at Anak Krakatau. Since the volcano was hidden in the haze, there was no visual confirmation of the eruption. However, a seismic eruption signal was registered. It lasted 60 seconds and had a maximum amplitude of 46 mm. All probability was a phreatic eruption. The volcanic island was the target of an expedition only a few days ago, during which the water temperature of the crater lake was measured.

Stromboli with strong activity

Yesterday Stromboli turned up and increased its activity again. In the night to Sunday a new lava flow became active. According to LGS the lava front reached a height of 600 m above sea level. From the front of the lava flow there were occasional debris avalanches. Lava rocks jumped over Sciara del Fuoco into the sea. The explosive activity was also high: an average of 28 eruptions per hour were recorded. In the evening continuous lava spattering took place from some vents. The most northeastern vent generated strong strombolian eruptions. Glowing tephra reached a height of about 300 m. Some explosions were very loud. The infrasound pressure was correspondingly high. The volcanologists measured very high sulphur dioxide emission and a strong tremor.