Stromboli: Increase in tremor and inclination

The volcano of the Aeolian Islands –Stromboli– does not come to rest. On the contrary: current measurements indicate a further increase in the underground magma influx. Both tremor and slope inclination continued to increase. The thermal radiation, on the other hand, has decreased. The current power output is 20 MW. There are no more lava flows.

A report by INGV Catania states that lava flows last week reached 500 m above sea level. The report also refers to a crack system that was discovered on 9 July and measured more accurately on 4 August. It is located on Sciara del Fuoco, about 50 m from the western edge of the depression and extends between 600 and 650 m above sea level. It initially consisted of 10 cracks, ranging in length from 2.5 to 21 meters. On August 14th the cracks were measured again via drone. It was determined that there are now 11 cracks and one crack has become longer. It increased from 3.3 m to 6.1 m. In the report of the INGV no speculations are made about the cause of the crack formation. I believe it is possible that the cracks are related to magma intrusion.