Fuego in Guatemala

Fuego is erupting ash clouds. These clouds reach an altitude of 4600 m above sea level and drift up to 20 km. According to INSIVUMEH, glowing tephra are ejected up to 400 m above crater height. Every hour between 15 and 18 explosive eruptions are registered, whose pressure waves cause vibrations in villages. There are loud gas eruptions that last up to 12 minutes. Such gas eruptions can become very loud and the neck hairs of the observers can be raised.

Sangeang Api still active

The house volcano is still active on the Indonesian island of Sangeang. The VAAC reports eruptions in which ash is extracted up to an altitude of 3000 m above sea level. From last week’s satellite images only one thermal anomaly can be seen in the crater area, but one more lava flow. It is unclear whether the dome in the crater is still growing.

Piton Fournaise: Eruption stopped

The Piton de la Fournaise stopped its activity yesterday evening around 22 o’clock local time again. Already in the night on Thursday the volcano paused for 4 hours. It is unclear whether the activity will continue or whether it is the final end. The last phase of the eruption was documented on video. This time there were not many recordings to see, that La Réunion was firmly in the grip of the clouds. This eruption was the 4th in this year and probably not the last.