Ebeko (Russia) video shows volcanic lightnings

The Kuril volcano Ebeko is located on the island of Paramushir and has been in permanent eruption for 2 years. Now a first expedition under the direction of Tom Pfeiffer took place there. Geonaut and member of the Vulkanologische Gesellschaft e.V. Martin Rietze was one of the expedition members and brought us a fantastic video showing night shots of the volcano. These are the first night shots of the Ebekos I know. Not only weak red glow is to be seen, but a series of volcanic lightnings, which one would not have expected there. In addition, the team members report that the volcano erupts considerably more often than one would think based on the reports of the VAAC. Due to frequent cloud cover, the satellites can only detect a fraction of the eruptions.

Photographer Martin Rietze was enthusiastic about the rough volcanic landscape of the Kuriles: uninhabited volcanic islets with enormous eruption potential. The few people the expedition encountered were friendly and helpful. There were no bans or controlling authorities. A paradise for volcano spotters! In the far east of Russia one seems to be able to live much more freely than in the western world. So the tide can turn.