M 6.3 – 123km ESE of L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand

North of New Zealand there was an earthquake. It had the magnitude 6.3. The hypocenter was 10 km deep. There were several moderate pre and aftershocks. The epicenter manifested south of the Kermadec Islands, which is New Zealand’s territory. The nearest major city on New Zealand’s North Island is Whakatane, some 800 km from the epicenter. Close to the coast of Whakatane lies the volcano island White Island. However, the Kermadec archipelago is also not lacking in volcanoes. The islands form a volcanic arch of islands with the active submarine volcano Havre. This broke out in 2012 and produced a large pumice carpet, which bobbed in the sea.

2019-03-06 15:46:11 UTC
2019-03-06 03:46:11 -12:00 at epicenter
32.029°S 177.803°W
10.00 km (6.21 mi)