Footage of volcanoes and eruptions

Videographer Marc Szeglat offers licenses from videos of volcanoes and eruptions. Marc studied geology and films since 1996 volcanic eruptions around the world.
The unique footage document a wide range of volcanic activity: explosive eruptions, ash clouds, lava fountains, lava flows, lava lakes, pyroclastic flows and lahars were filmed as well as hitting lava bombs and growing lava domes.
With the camera-equipment in his backpack Marc climbed the most dangerous and most fascinating volcanoes in the world and filmed their eruptions. Some volcanoes like Mount Etna and Stromboli in Italy, Mount Merapi and Anak Krakatau in Indonesia, or the volcanoes Ol Doinyo Lengai and Erta Alé in Africa he climbed several times.
The footage is in HD quality and ready for download after paying. The Clips have prices between 25 and 30 € per second. The duration is between 10 and 15 seconds. The cost for footage in 4k is between 30 and 40 € per second. For further informations have a look at

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