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Location: 38,78 N, 15,21 E   Italy

Altitude: 924 m

Form: Stratovolcano

Petrography: Basalt, Trachybasalt

Volcanic activity: strombolian, lava flow

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 Stromboli - Lighthouse of the Mediterranean

Stromboli is a volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea off Sicily. The 12 square kilometer island is part of the Aeolian Islands archipelago and rises 924 meters above sea level. For 2,300 years the volcano is continuously active, which has earned it a reputation as a lighthouse of the Mediterranean Sea.

The volcanic island was created about 40,000 years ago. Initially the volcano Vancori formed, and then collapsed 10,000 years ago. 500 m further north a second stratovolcano formed, Cima, which reached a height of 918 meters and principally emitted andesitic magmas. Cima caved in at the beginning of the post-glacial period. What remains is the rim which visitors today see the eruptions from the new crater. This crater is actually Stromboli.

The Crater of Stromboli

Strombolian eruption

Strombolian eruption

The normal duration of activity at Stromboli is interrupted every few years through special events. On 11 September 1930 there was a large explosion which propelled lava bombs to near by villages. A phase of continuous lava fountains, and later two ash flows, began which had great similarities with pyroclastic flows. Six people died due to these ash flows.

In December 2002, a fissure vent below the crater opened on the steep slope of the Sciara del Fuoco, and lava flowed out. After a few hours it reached the coast and spilled out into the sea. The fissure vent opening was accompanied by a large landslide which caused a small tsunami and damaged many buildings along the waterfront.

Another event occurred in March 2007. Again, a fissure vent opened on the Sciara del Fuoco and this time it sent two lava flows into the sea. Within days, a lava delta, extending approximately 50 meters into the water, was formed.

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