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Location: 56.03 N, 160.39 E, Russia

Altitude: 4835 m

Form: Strato volcano

Typ: island-arc-volcano

Petrography: Andesit

Volcanic Activity: plinian, vulcanian
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 Kliuchevskoi on Kamchatka

The two active volcanoes Kliuchevskoi (Klyuchevskaya Sopka) and Bezymianny and the inactive volcanoes Kamen and Ushkovsky form a concentrated group of stratovolcanoes. The highest of these volcanoes is the Kliuchevskoi at 4,835 metres.

The volcano was created a good 6,000 years ago in the direct vicinity of the volcano Kamen. The Kliuchevskoi is connected to this volcano by a saddle. Numerous secondary craters formed along a fault system. More than 100 eruptions are known from the last 3,000 years.

Huge strombolian eruption in October 2013

Klyuchenskoy and Kamen


In the last few centuries, the activity has concentrated increasingly on the summit crater. It has a diameter of 700 metres. One of the most recent major eruptions took place in 1994. The eruption cloud rose to a height of 20 km.

The most recent eruption began in August 2013 and lasted into the winter. Lava flows streamed over the volcanoes flanks and the summit crater was active. At first it produced strombolian eruptions, then lava fountains and high-rising clouds of ash.

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