Kilauea with increased seismic activity

Seismic activity is still high south of Hawaii’s Kilauea summit caldera. Yesterday, there were 250 small tremors in just 24 hours. In Hawaii, it’s now 8:00 PM on August 24th, and more than 150 earthquakes have been recorded so far. Though it’s unlikely to reach the previous day’s high count, earthquake activity remains elevated. Ground deformation is also increasing significantly, rebounding from a slight dip 2 days ago. Since last September, the ground has risen by about 65 cm, despite previous lava activity. The volcano’s magma chamber couldn’t be emptied enough to reduce the uplift. The erupted lava filled Halema’uma’u crater by 400 meters. A new graph shows current measurements of the crater’s depth using a laser rangefinder. This depth is measured against the point after the 2018 Leilani eruption collapse when the crater was at 518 meters above sea level.