Mount Dempo Volcano in Sumatra with phreatic eruption

Yesterday, the VSI reported that there was an eruption at Mount Dempo volcano on Sumatra. A seismic signal was recorded, with a strong shaking that lasted for about 3 minutes. This signal was detected at 9:05 AM local time. At first, there was no visual confirmation of the eruption. However, a video showing the eruption was shared on the social media platform ‘X’ this morning.

Last year, there were signs that the volcano might become active again when there was a sudden burst of steam and gas in May. In January 2022, the alert level was raised to ‘yellow’ due to some shaking underground. There were some smaller eruptions at the end of July this year, but I missed them because I was traveling in Kenya. An ash cloud was seen rising up to 2 km above the volcano’s opening on July 25, 2023. There were also more earthquakes than usual on that day. It’s possible that the volcano is slowly getting ready for bigger eruptions.