Etna: One of the biggest paroxysms

State: Italy | Coordinates: 37.73, 15.00 |Eruption: Fumarolic

Last night another paroxysm occurred on Etna and it was among the strongest volcanic eruptions of the current series. INGV reported already at 17:15 UCT (19:15 CEST) that New Southeast Crater started with strombolian eruptions. The activity increased rapidly at first and already half an hour later there were continuous eruptions. The main phase of the eruption began around 7:15 p.m. UCT, when a lava flow began to occur. As in the previous paroxysms, it moved in a southwesterly direction. Strombolian eruptions turned into a lava fountain and an ash cloud reached 9100 m in height. At 21:40 UCT, the tremor registered its peak and incandescent tephra rose a good 1500 m above crater level. A lava flow passed over the northern flank of NSEC. MIROVA recorded very high thermal radiation with a power of 3513 MW. Ground uplift of up to 4.5 µrad was recorded. Around 23:30 UCT, the lava fountain activity ended. Strombolian eruptions were still produced in the aftermath. The paroxysm was not only very strong, but also lasted relatively long.