Copahue (Chile-Argentina)

SERNAGEOMIN reported continuing activity at Copahue. Webcams recorded gas-and-ash plumes rising as high as 1.1 km, sometimes associated with nighttime crater incandescence. The plumes drifted 6-15 km SW and SE. Sulfur dioxide emissions were high, averaging 1,499 tonnes per day, with a high value of 3,435 on 12 September. Two thermal anomalies were identified in satellite images. The Alert Level was remained at Yellow. ONEMI maintained the Yellow Alert (the middle level on a three-color scale) for residents of the Alto Biobío municipality and access to an area within 1 km of El Agrio Crater was restricted to the public.

Sources: Oficina Nacional de Emergencia-Ministerio del Interior (ONEMI) ,Servicio Nacional de Geología y Minería (SERNAGEOMIN)