Los Angeles: Earthquake Mw 4,5

Yesterday morning, an earth tremor with a magnitude of 4.5 shook the greater Los Angeles area. The epicenter was 8 km east of Los Angeles. The depth of the epicenter was indicated by USGS as 18 km. According to the EMSC, the hypocenter was located at a depth of 20 km. In spite of the comparatively large depth of the focus, the earthquake was clearly perceived in the Los Angeles area. There are reports of small damages like cracks in house walls. Larger damages did not occur.

The earthquake manifested itself in the same fault zone as the 1987 Whittier Narrows earthquake, which had a magnitude of 5.9 and caused destruction in the city. The activated fault zone is the Puente Hills thrust fault, which is associated with the San Andreas Rift.

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