Chile: Earthquake Mw 6,3

Another strong earthquake occurred in the Chilean region of Atacama. It had the magnitude 6.3 and was located 88 km north-north-east of Tocopilla. The depth of the earthquake is 45 km according to the EMSC. The earthquake occurred at 07:36 UCT. In Chile it was 04:36 UCT and the people were rudely torn from their sleep.

In the same area there had been an earthquake of magnitude 6.8 on September 1. One can assume that the two earthquakes are related. There were further aftershocks.

Several potentially active volcanoes are located in the Atacama. The Lascar is one of them. It showed signs of awakening at the beginning of the year and emitted heat radiation. The geyser field near the Tatio volcano is worth seeing.