Etna: Update on 28.08.20

Etna on Sicily continues to eject ash clouds in phases. So it is also active this morning. The volcanic ash rises several hundred meters high and is transported by the moderate wind in southeastern direction. The scene of the event is the saddle vent, which had formed on the ridge between the Old and New Southeast crater cones. Interestingly, the activity of the last months seems to be more and more limited to this crater. This indicates a migration of the conveyor system to the west of this cone group. The actual main crater of the New South East Crater Cone rarely gets involved in the eruption process. A VONA message was not generated. The VAAC Toulouse last reported an ash cloud on August 25. Although no heat radiation was recorded, images of nighttime eruptions show that red glowing tephra was erupted.

The earthquake activity is moderate. Most of the earthquakes have magnitudes between 1 and 2 and are scattered over the volcano, sometimes not concentrated under the Valle del Bove. The tremor amplitude varies greatly and is mostly in the yellow range. It looks like the eruptive behavior of the volcano is relatively stable. Although Etna is always good for a surprise, I don’t see any sign of major changes in the short term.