Nevados de Chillan (Chile) – Report for 31 July-6 August 2019

On 6 August ONEMI and SERNAGEOMIN reported that activity at Nevados de Chillán?s Nicanor Crater increased in the previous few days, characterized by an increase in the size and occurrence of explosions. Specifically, there were 129 explosive events recorded since 3 August. Dense gas-and-ash plumes rose as high as 1.6 km above the crater rim and ejected material onto the flanks. Crater incandescence was visible at night. A lahar traveled 1.5 km NNE. The Alert Level remained at Orange, the second highest level on a four-color scale, and residents were reminded not to approach the crater within 3 km. ONEMI maintained an Alert Level Yellow (the middle level on a three-color scale) for the communities of Pinto, Coihueco, and San Fabián.

Sources: Oficina Nacional de Emergencia-Ministerio del Interior (ONEMI) ,Servicio Nacional de Geología y Minería (SERNAGEOMIN)