AVO Shishaldin ORANGE/WATCH – Elevated seismicity continues; elevated surface temperatures in satellite data

Aug 6, 2019 21:08 – Weak seismic tremor continues. Occasional satellite views show elevated surface temperatures from the summit.

Shishaldin is monitored by local seismic and infrasound sensors, satellite data, a web camera, a telemetered geodetic network, and distant infrasound and lightning networks.

AVO Veniaminof YELLOW/ADVISORY – Seismicity continues; weakly elevated surface temperatures in satellite images

Aug 6, 2019 21:08 – Seismic unrest continues with occasional low-frequency earthquakes. Weakly elevated surface temperatures observed over the past 24 hours.

Veniaminof volcano is monitored with a local real-time seismic network, which will typically allow AVO to detect changes in unrest that may lead to a more significant explosive eruption. AVO combines seismic, infrasound, lightning, and satellite data for rapid detection of such events.

AVO Cleveland YELLOW/ADVISORY – No eruptive activity; no activity observed in cloudy satellite data

Aug 6, 2019 21:08 – No activity was observed in cloudy satellite images over the last 24 hours. No activity was detected in regional seismic or infrasound data.

Additional episodes of lava effusion and explosions are likely and will occur without advance warning. Explosions from Cleveland are normally short duration and only present a hazard to aviation in the immediate vicinity of the volcano. Larger explosions that present a more widespread hazard to aviation are possible, but are less likely and occur less frequently.

Local seismic and infrasound data at Cleveland have been …

AVO Semisopochnoi ORANGE/WATCH – Increased seismicity; possible steam emissions observed in satellite data

Aug 6, 2019 21:08 – Seismicity has increased slightly over the past 24 hours with occasional discrete low-frequency earthquakes. A possible steam plume was observed in satellite views over the past day. It remains possible that activity could increase rapidly and with little warning.

Semisopochnoi is monitored with an on-island seismic network and remotely by satellite and lightning sensors. Furthermore, an infrasound array on Adak Island may detect explosive emissions from Semisopochnoi with a 13 minute delay if atmospheric conditions permit.

HVO Kilauea GREEN/NORMAL – Low activity: no lava; slow inflation of summit + middle ERZ;water pooling in summit crater

Aug 6, 2019 23:25 – Activity Summary: Kīlauea Volcano is not erupting. Monitoring data continue to show steady rates of seismicity and ground deformation, low rates of sulfur dioxide emission, and only minor geologic changes since the end of eruptive activity in September 2018. Water has begun pooling at the lowest elevations in summit crater. Currently there are two small puddles that began forming on July 25, 2019 and August 1, 2019. These puddles continue to slowly expand and deepen.

Observations: Monitoring data have shown no significant changes in volcanic activity over the past …